Sunday, April 17, 2011

Is it ok to do another blog about knitting...?

 know, I's been a really long time since I've blogged.  Our family has been through the flu and bronchitis and Josh has been traveling a lot lately.  So, what have I been doing....KNITTING!  I think its become my coping mechanism when life gets really chaotic.  It makes me focus, and it makes me sit, which are two things that I don't do very well.  So, don't get frustrated with me because I know this blog is about my photography....but at least I have pictures of my knitting...ahem.  In the past few weeks I have knit a shalom sweater, two cowls, and a scarf.  I'm currently working on a top for Darby, another cowl, a lace scarf, and a twisty scarf.  I keep adding new projects because I'm just crazy like that.  I have learned a ton of new stitches by just trying new projects and then YouTubing videos of how to do the stitches.  I'm thinking about starting an Etsy shop once I get enough projects under my belt and feel confident enough.  We'll see how that thought goes, though.  At least I'm having fun with least that's what I keep telling myself...and my husband:)


  1. Wow, you are highly obsessed. I LOVE it! :-) Seriously, can we knit together soon. I need motivation to finish this baby blanket that I started about a year ago?! The baby was born last October, and now it's too hot outside for him to need it, but I REALLY need to finish it. Before he goes to college!